Clean Wine Tasting

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Book a 90-minute wine tasting with up to 12 friends with plant-based holistic chef, Lauren D'Agostino. 

Schedule a call with Lauren to get started!

Clean Wine

No added sugar, chemicals or synthetic pesticides. Organic, non-GMO and vegan.


Clean-crafted wines are sourced from small family-owned vineyards throughout the world and delivered directly to you. Quality guaranteed.

Chef Lauren believes in living a cleaner life. And it's supported by drinking cleaner wine.

As a Wine Consultant, she believes that everyone should experience wine as nature intended - pure, honest, authentic and downright delicious clean-crafted wine.

Clean Food

Make it special with expertly paired plant-based, vegan, and gluten-free spreads to share!

From unbelievable vegan cheese to scrumptious and colorful spreads and dips, Chef Lauren knows just how to curate an unforgettable event!

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