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six person minimum, available for travel



Enjoy the most seasonal plant-based cuisine so you can truly "getaway." Includes two dinners, one plated four course menu and one demo or interactive class, and two brunch spreads. Fully plant-based and gluten-free. Plus a fun and delicious clean-crafted wine tasting.






Already have a packed schedule for your weekend away? Enjoy it even more by bringing on a private chef to cater your meals in house for you and your crew. Meals are simpler, but just as delicious and always 100% plant-based. Optional to add clean wine, not included in pricing.






Bring the gourmet plant-based restaurant to your private or rented home for one unforgettable night! Enjoy a special menu curated just for you, plus interaction with Lauren - like being at the Chef's Table. Includes clean-crafted wine pairing in pricing.



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"Lauren has opened my mind, and my palette, to a whole new world of vegan food! I mostly have had "experiments" in vegan eating that were interesting but not satisfying. Lauren is a masterful chef who creates culinary masterpieces that are also vegan. Her knowledge and willingness to share information and techniques demystifies plant-based cooking. She is outstanding!" -Jen





A non-refundable deposit of $100 is due to book your date. Once the total guest count is confirmed, 50% of the total due is paid at least 60 days prior to your event. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your event. Gratuity is not included.

Custom Menu Consultation

Each event is unique and pricing is calculated based on several factors - seasonal availability, menu complexity, use of essential oils or pairing with clean-crafted wine, number of guests, and number of meals served. During our consultation, we will review any dietary restrictions of guests, discuss your vision for the weekend, and review the home kitchen space and equipment available.


Accommodation will need to be provided for the duration of your weekend. Mileage is calculated separately and will be shown on your invoice. Flights and international travel costs are billed directly to the host. 

Behind the Scenes with Chef Lauren

Offer your guests a unique experience to get in the kitchen with Chef Lauren! One-on-one sessions are limited to half the number of total meals served, and last for two hours. Bookings can be made with Lauren directly. 


"As a vegan doubter I was so pleased and surprised by each meal. If I wasn't told it was vegan, I would have never known. Especially the lasagna and the frittata. Thank you so much for introducing me to flavorful and yummy plant-based food!" -Karen



Each and every meal is an opportunity to do better for our bodies. Everything we put into our mouths will either build us up or tear us down. Eating is the ultimate form of self-care. With each bite you tell your body you honor, value, and respect how it functions, or you do the opposite - taking it for granted and feeding it the wrong fuel to function properly. 

Our food choices also affect our energetic bodies. When we consume our food, we also take in the energy with which it was produced. Choosing food that was grown and made with compassion, kindness, joy, and love is the best way to support the variety of other self-care rituals you may practice.

Educating guests around the holistic, plant-based dining table is such a privilege and passion. As such, Chef Lauren offers this unique philosophy and experience in the form of a seven-course chakra inspired menu. Beginning with appetizers at the root chakra and savoring our way through to dessert at the crown chakra, this creative menu is a huge hit among retreat hosts and guests alike.

"I was nervous about going to a weekend retreat where the food was completely vegan. From the first dinner, the difference between what I'd envisioned and was Lauren created was dramatic. I was so busy enjoying what was served that I didn't miss any of the ingredients I commonly use. I'm leaving inspired to integrate more vegan meals into my life!" -Melinda




Want to offer your guests a unique and educational experience? Schedule a Plant-Based Culinary Workshop where Lauren will teach guests a few basic skills, share her knowledge, and sample something delicious. Choose from the available workshops below, or request a hands-on class as part of your weekend menu.

Hands-On Cooking: Gather 'round in the kitchen with Chef Lauren to try your hand at preparing a group meal. 

Intuitive Cooking - LIVE Demo: Watch Lauren's magic unfold in the kitchen as she shares with your retreat guests one of her intuitive cooking methods from her online course, Plant-Based Fundamentals.

Happier Hour Wine Tasting: Vegan Cheese Paired with Clean-Crafted Scout & Cellar Wine