I've been vegan for 10 years, so I thought I knew a lot about plant-based cooking. Until I met Lauren. She is so passionate and knowledgeable about healthy plant-based eating and has taught me so much! I was always eating the same thing, day in and day out, and it was boring. Chef Lauren showed me so many ways to spice up dishes I was already cooking, as well as new healthy recipes and foods. She made cooking fun, and food delicious again, and I am so thankful I met her - I wish I had sooner!

- Brett MacLean

Co-Owner, Plantz Cafe

Chef Lauren was a wonderful, warm, friendly and informative teacher! The small class size made it very conducive to get to know each other as well as obtain ideas and share knowledge. The food was absolutely fabulous and easy to prepare. I look forward to additional classes with her again. I highly recommend the experience!!

-Robin R

NE Summer Classics Class

I have found that the older I get, the less red meat agrees with me. I also did not like the heaviness I felt after an animal-based meal. So I decided to introduce more plant-based foods/meals into my diet. I must admit, it was trail and error at first, but once I did some research and worked with Chef Lauren, it became easier. I also follow a low sodium diet (Meniere’s disease) so a plant-based lifestyle also helps me to control my sodium intake. I can use a small amount of Chef Lauren’s doTERRA essential oil seasonings to add flavor without a heavy dose of salt.


Secrets of Plant-Based Living

I have suffered from varying degrees of arthritis in both hands. As it intensified, my hands would ache nonstop, especially during the summer months. That’s when I decided to give doTERRA copaiba a try - and am I so glad I did! In less than a week I noticed a difference. While not cured, copaiba essential oil has certainly helped me manage the discomfort. And it has made my golf game a little easier and more enjoyable!


Essential Oil User

As someone who has been vegan for a few years now, and consider myself pretty health conscious, it was really great to hear more about the importance of buying veggies and fruits from local farms that are in season, and how we rely so much on sugars and salts to make our foods taste good, but it is important to get back to eating things naturally and enjoying their natural tastes.


Secrets of Plant-Based Living

I loved Lauren's scones with essential oils, a recipe from her new cookbook. All I could think was man this would be the best thing to make in a sheet pan and cut for breakfast!!

I can't wait to host a party where she teaches us how to cook a breakfast, lunch and a dinner! That tastes like it’s really bad for you but isn’t.


Women's Business Circle

Everyone LOVED the food Lauren prepared for our holiday party! My committed carnivorous cousins couldn't believe the eggplant parmesan and noodle kugel were vegan :) they were begging for the leftovers. Both dishes were really delicious, thank you so much!


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