Simple strategies for real healthy cooking

real food, real flavor, real fun

Are you considering adopting a more plant-based lifestyle? Are you feeling held back because you don't know where to start? 


Let me guess... You know that you want a plant-centered lifestyle because of the tremendous health benefits making headlines, but you have no idea WHAT to cook, never-mind knowing HOW to cook it. And every time you’ve tried to find your own plant-based recipes, some of the ingredients made you a little nervous. 


You haven’t even heard of some of these foods before, how are you supposed to prepare them?! How can you possibly make a transition like this in your diet if it feels like homework just getting started?! 


I totally get it. That certainly isn’t going to position you for success, and it definitely is not fun. 


Well, the good news is, healthy doesn’t have to be intimidating. Healthy is meant to be simple. 

My goal is to make sure that you actually enjoy preparing this new food to ensure your long term success from this lifestyle change. Not knowing the what and the how behind cooking delicious and comforting plant-based meals may have gotten in your way before, but we’re going to change that!

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