The roadmap for traveling into a plant-based lifestyle.

Chef Lauren's cooking is for you if... 


You have heard the benefits of plant-based eating but are convinced you'll hate vegan food and miss all the things you love. Like bacon. 

Food is comfort for you, and there is no way you're going to "give up" your favorite foods. As a former ice cream addict and food snob, I understand how you feel! Dietary change doesn't happen overnight - it definitely didn't for me.


You've been cooking for decades but get scared and confused when you think about trying plant-based recipes and ingredients. Jackfruit and tempeh - what even is that?

What kinds of foods are you supposed to cook? How on earth will you get enough protein? Won't the food be bland and boring? I'll show you how that plant-based cooking and eating can be easy, flavorful, and fun. Your culinary fears will be a thing of the past!  


You're into the plant-based lifestyle and want to host supportive, or skeptical, friends and family for a delicious gathering, without having to cook yourself.

Imagine being served a thoughtful, beautiful, and delicious plant-based meal in the comfort of your home, without having to do any of the prep, cooking, or clean-up. I can cook for any number of hungry guests, and lead a conversation on any plant-based topic you and your guests may have questions about.


You have no idea how you're supposed to shop for food, dine out, or travel while following a plant-based lifestyle. Plus, you're convinced it's going to be more expensive!

Won't it be more work to be selective with my meals and food choices? How will I find something to eat when I'm not dining at home? Let me help you find your balance. I've got a strategy for transition that is both empowering and supportive so that this change will stick.

Cooking, for REAL.

Imagine what it would be like if you felt like you knew what you were doing in the kitchen, and if you actually looked forward to eating your vegetables, savoring the flavor of a nutritious meal that also heals your body, mind, and soul....

AND you had the support and knowledge of a professional plant-based chef to guide you and teach you tips and tricks along the way.


> No more wandering aimlessly around the supermarket, feeling overwhelmed and tricked by clever marketing and buzzwords.


> No more stressing over your Pinterest food boards and piles of cookbooks, trying to decide on what to make for dinner.

> No more defaulting to processed take-out and convenience meals because you got frustrated and hangry!

I'm talking about cooking, for real. Real FOOD. Real FLAVOR. Real FUN...

And the kind of know-how to finally be able to relax + enjoy when you cook, trust that what you're making is actually good for you, and that it's exactly what your body needs. 

From grocery shopping to batch cooking to putting a meal together, you'll know how to cook plant-based meals that taste and amazing and that will make you feel amazing too.

But the icing on the cake is that you'll finally learn how to cook by developing a taste for the natural flavors of food and tapping into your body's individual cravings for deep and satisfying nourishment for mind, body, and soul.

If you want to taste a bite of that, let's cook together!


Self Study

Secrets of Plant-Based Living is a 5-lesson video series and PDF training that helps you understand and integrate the foundations of a plant-based lifestyle, wherever you fall on the scale!


In-Home Lessons

We'll cook together, in your home kitchen and I'll teach you some of my signature intuitive cooking methods so you can actually learn how to cook for yourself while enjoying a plant-based lifestyle.


Private Cooking

Accepting new private clients for in-home meal preparation. Seasonal menus featuring local produce - always vegan and plant-based for maximum health in mind, body, and soul. Available for travel for wellness retreats, spiritual retreats, and more.

“Chef Lauren's cooking style is so simple and fun - it made the whole class look forward to returning to their kitchens to try out her intuitive cooking methods!"

— Annie H

“I didn't think that a plant-based diet would be delicious, but Chef Lauren was able to recreate some amazing flavors that make me feel like this is a change I actually WANT to make!"

— Mark T

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