Secrets of Plant-Based Living

Are you interested in a plant-based lifestyle? Have you been trying to change your kitchen routine but don't know where to start? Are you confused about how to cook healthier meals that still taste amazing?

This 90 minute workshop will teach you the basics of living a plant-based lifestyle. You can integrate as much as feels right for you, even if that's just one meal a week!

Join Chef Lauren D'Agostino for a fun and informative workshop to learn more about preparing healthy meals and embracing a plant-based lifestyle! Lauren is not only an experienced plant-based chef and cooking coach, but she's an expert at transforming your favorite dishes into healthy plant-based soul food. In this workshop you'll learn:

• The difference between plant-based + vegan
• How to grocery shop within your budget so healthy ingredients are always on hand
• How to process fresh produce so a healthy meal is ready in minutes
• How to enjoy traveling and dining out while living a plant-based and healthy life
• PLUS chef secrets for lifelong success in integrating your new lifestyle choices

Essential Oils

Chef Lauren has just released a NEW cookbook! Plant-Based, Vegan, Gluten-Free Cooking with Essential Oils is your kitchen companion for creating a high-vibe life, filled with FLAVOR and FUN! Purchase a cookbook at any of Lauren's in person events or on Amazon!

Primary Food

Much of what impacts our daily dietary choices are things that we consume but don't actually put into our mouths - such as career, finances, education, relationships, spirituality, creativity, and joy. Learn why this matters in this introductory workshop!

Cooking Lessons

Build on to these workshop foundations with easy-to-use guides for creating different versions of the same basic dish, taught in the comfort of your home kitchen in a one-month or three-month plant-based cooking coaching program. FREE discovery calls offered for workshop attendees!

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