Secrets of Plant-Based Living

A 5-lesson video series and PDF training that helps you understand and integrate the foundations of a plant-based lifestyle, wherever you fall on the scale!

This self-paced cooking course will show you the basics of living a plant-based lifestyle. You can integrate as much as feels right for you, even if that's just one meal a week!

Lesson 1: Understanding the difference between plant-based and vegan, and how to avoid marketing traps at the supermarket.

Lesson 2: How to clean out and restock your pantry, shop seasonally, and use my pantry staples list to make shopping fun again.

Lesson 3: Easy batch cooking and preparation tweaks and tips to save you time and money each week.

Lesson 4: Knife skills for maximum safety, efficiency, and minimal waste so very little food is wasted.

Lesson 5: Learn my formula for creating a satisfying meal from what would normally be the dreaded leftovers when there's "nothing to eat."

Essential Oils

Kickstart your plant-based life by learning how to incorporate the power of essential oils for daily wellness, with all the support and resources you need.

Cooking Videos

Get access to my cooking channel for endless inspiration and creative ways to repurpose your leftovers.

Templates + Menus

Build on to the foundations with my easy-to-use guides for creating different versions of the same basic dish. Plus ideas on menus for every season and occasion.

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