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Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Our Sacred Seasons

October 2021

Our mission is to connect with conscious young women and grow a tribe of high-vibrational and supportive relationships with our soul sisters, as we each seek to create the lives we desire.

As women, we’re going through our own pandemic within the bodies we reside in. Our hormonal balance is being destroyed by our overly stressful lives, unfulfilling jobs, by the toxic products we use on our skin, and by the chemicals and pesticides we consume. We can’t thrive when we fall out of sync with our lives. We will teach you how to begin harmonizing your body by attuning to your natural cycles, tapping into your feminine essence and amplifying your power source. 

THRIVE Retreats

October 1-4, 2021


Calm your mind and your body, connect with your purpose and bond with a community of  like-minded women. Relaxation is so much more than just something to do. It’s a way of being.

That’s why you can do ALL the things - spa treatments, Netflix, lunch with friends - and still feel as stressed as when you started!


Because no matter how much time or money you spend on relaxation, it can’t take hold if your mental chatter is on overdrive.

But when you give yourself the time and space to get back on your feet — to truly heal — what you find in that stillness will change your life. This is a retreat NOT to be missed!

Waterside Women
Image by Mark Tegethoff

High-Vibe Healing Weekends

August 2021

Our mission is to activate mind, body & soul healing from the inside out by providing the place & tools, creating the energetic space, nourishing all of your senses & attuning you to accept your next steps and possibilities.

It all begins with a thought and that thought becomes the tangible experiences that happen in your life. This is called manifestation. Whether you feel in control or out of control, you manifest every thing, every day. By control, I do no mean defining every movement, every trajectory & every detail. By control, I mean designing your thoughts to match the feelings and then allowing the joyful journey that you desire, to happen. The time is now to hone the most powerful part of you, your mind. When you are in the moment of movement, meditation and breath, the rest will follow.