Private Chef Services

for yoga + wellness retreat hosts

Spiritual entrepreneurs and enthusiasts

Do you host transformative wellness retreats or workshops focused on yoga, mindfulness, and meditation? Do you find it challenging to find a chef or catered food service that shares your values and understands the power of food as medicine?

Our Mother Earth provides us with everything we need to build strong, resilient, and aligned bodies and souls. I believe in honoring this gift by serving thoughtfully crafted vegan menus prepared with conscious vibrations of gratitude and love. Ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible, and organic foods are preferred.

The food served to retreat guests should help facilitate the work that hosts are so passionately and diligently providing. Nourish your guests with incredibly delicious plant-based vegan food during their stay with you, and help them access profound spiritual growth and healing through food.

As your private plant-based vegan and gluten-free chef, I'll work with you to write a menu to suit your needs, for one-day events, weekend retreats, or week-long experiences.


Local to New England, available for travel.

High-vibe plant-based food to promote spiritual growth and healing in a wellness retreat setting.

"I was nervous about going to a weekend retreat where the food was completely vegan. From the first dinner, the difference between what I'd envisioned and was Lauren created was dramatic. I was so busy enjoying what was served that I didn't miss any of the ingredients I commonly use. I'm leaving inspired to integrate more vegan meals into my life!"

"As a vegan doubter I was so pleased and surprised by each meal. If I wasn't told it was vegan, I would have never known. Especially the lasagna and the frittata. Thank you so much for introducing me to flavorful and yummy plant-based food!"

pricing and logistics

Friday - Sunday Retreats

$150 per person

plus the cost of food


5 Day Retreats

$300 per person

plus the cost of food


7 Day Retreats

$600 per person

plus the cost of food

Custom Menu Consultation with Retreat Host

Review dietary restrictions of guests

Review of kitchen space and equipment available

Plant-Based Culinary Workshops (Upon Request)

Introduction to Ayurveda: Finding Balance Through Food

Cooking with Essential Oils: Discovering the Purity & Power of doTERRA

"Lauren's food is truly amazing; creative, beautiful, incredibly delicious. Vegan gourmet. It is so good, I wound up wondering why I would ever want to or need to eat meat, gluten, or dairy products again. Her food reminds me of a spectacular, now closed, vegan restaurant in New York City called Angelica's Kitchen where I enjoyed many dinners and brunches. The tastes are layered and nuanced, truly a wonderful culinary experience."

"Lauren has opened my mind, and my palette, to a whole new world of vegan food! I mostly have had "experiments" in vegan eating that were interesting but not satisfying. Lauren is a masterful chef who creates culinary masterpieces that are also vegan. Her knowledge and willingness to share information and techniques demystifies plant-based cooking. She is outstanding!

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I am so grateful to have hired Lauren for a recent women's retreat that I hosted in Vermont. She was a fantastic partner to work with. Her menu was innovative, flavorful, prepared with love and passion and she certainly embodies the title "Intuitive Chef". She was so organized and responsive prior to the retreat and delivered an exceptional dining experience throughout. I adore her passion for her craft.

-Shae Sterrett, Year of You Women's Retreat


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