30 Day Kickstart - Resources

It's imperative that you have the tools for success as you begin your plant-based journey, and that includes having the right mindset and the right roadmap. Even if you've been on a mostly vegan plan for a while, you may be noticing some imbalance or other challenges arising, such as digestion, allergies, energy levels, budgeting, or simplifying meal time.

First, we'll create your Plant-Based Roadmap in a deep dive session together.

Next, we'll asses your pantry, clean out the junk and restock for success. Both of these elements are included in the Reset.

From there, you can choose your own adventure! Opt for a season's worth of customized kitchen confidence support, enroll in the self-paced course "Plant-Based Fundamentals," or sign up for services and classes a la carte.

Step One: The Roadmap

Woodland Path

My Plant-Based Path Roadmap

Your Plan for a Smooth and Delicious Journey

Where are you now, and where are you going? Where will we stop to enjoy and celebrate your progress? What foods are off limits for you and your family? What tastes do you gravitate toward and what cuisine are you willing to explore? What equipment do you have already, what do you still need, and what do you need to learn how to use properly?


These questions and more will be answered in a deep dive session with Lauren, designed to leave you feeling empowered and excited about this transition - but be warned, you may be hungry for the possibilities ahead!

Step Two: The Tools

Pantry Assessment + Restock

Your Plan for a Smooth and Delicious Journey

What are you REALLY eating? And is it REALLY healthy, and the best fit for your body?

In this portion of the Reset, we'll make sure you're set up with the tools to succeed in the most delicious and satisfying way possible! 

Plus, you'll get a Pantry List with additional suggestions based on your unique needs and dietary restrictions.

Image by Gareth Hubbard

Step Three: The Adventure!

Lauren Orange.JPG

Seasonal Support

Three months of customized support, including cooking lessons, cooking class access, and weekly check-ins.

Chopping Vegetables

Self-Paced Course

Over 20 modules of plant-based strategies that are intuitive, simple, and fun! Go at your own pace, or upgrade to VIP support.


Pick Your Path

Start with bite sized support with individual lessons, the sampler course, or attend virtual cooking classes!


See You in the Kitchen!

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