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Canine Nutrigenomics The New Science Of Feeding Your Dog For Optimum Health Downloads Torrent




Elevating living conditions can impact the health of any animal in a host of ways. In the last decade, researchers have been experimenting with ways to improve the lives of pet dogs, from teaching them to read the words on a calendar to using regular baths to keep their coats shiny and looking good. Now, they’ve found a simpler answer, one that will inspire a whole new generation of dog lovers: A simple diet of meat, greens, and plenty of water is the best way to keep their cells working at peak levels of efficiency for optimum health and longevity. In the new book, Secrets to Feeding Dogs for Optimum Cellular Health and Longevity Revealed, Steve Hamilton, a public health biologist who studies dogs, and Fuzzy Flaxman, a veterinary nutritionist, lay out this remarkable finding and the scientific evidence behind it. “The fact that we found, using science, that dogs are so similar to us in terms of cellular biology is really fascinating,” Hamilton said. “We know that if you feed dogs a plant-based diet, they’ll be healthier and live longer. We wanted to know if the same was true for humans.” “There’s a lot of reasons people feed their dogs a plant-based diet,” he added, citing the cost of feeding traditional dry food as a top reason. “This book is aimed at showing the human on the couch the power of meat,” he said. “We’ve been fooled into thinking that plants are the most nutritious food for dogs and we’ve been telling them it’s all about the fiber.” So what’s the difference between plants and meat? A lot, it turns out. Porkers in the Lab In the latest science, food from the animal kingdom is being studied for clues to its impact on the body. “Dogs are a great proxy for humans in terms of what happens in the body when we eat this stuff,” said Dr. Taneika Williams, an assistant professor of nutritional science at the University of California, Davis. “The fact that dogs, even though they’re very different, are so similar to humans in terms of the stuff going on in their bodies when we eat these different foods is fascinating.” Williams explained that research into how the body processes meat, plants,



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Canine Nutrigenomics The New Science Of Feeding Your Dog For Optimum Health Downloads Torrent
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