Why Eating Seasonally is the Key to Sustained Veganism, and Healthy Eating

*This is not a post preaching veganism!* But I do want to explain my personal lifestyle choice in the way that it's practiced, and right now that's the best label for it.

Have you ever tasted the natural sweetness of garden grown carrots or corn? Or felt the weight of a summer-ripe tomato or strawberry? How about the crispness of fresh picked greens?

If you're not sure you know what I mean, get yourself to the closest farm stand and have a good look around. Whatever is for sale there is what's in season, and what should be loaded into your body by the forkful. By the end of berry season, you should be so tired of those juicy gems! When the asparagus crop is finished, you should be rejoicing that it's time to move on!

We've got to get out of this system that makes any fruit or vegetable available to us year round. We've got to get back to our roots, and to do that it is important that we learn to eat seasonally.

Eating seasonally:

~ Allows our bodies to absorb more nutrients, because they were grown under the very conditions that nature intended (not picked ahead of schedule and ripened in the back of a truck or shipped across the globe).

~ Encourages sustainable farming practices in your area. Vote with your dollars and support your local farmer who respects the planet as much as you do!

~ Means that the food was grown closer to where you live, which equals less waste from the transportation process. Changing your food choices is actually a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, if that's what you're in to! Not sure what I mean? Watch Cowspiracy, available on Netflix.

~ Is actually cheaper! Produce that is in season is often abundant and is priced just right to help reduce spoilage, which means you'll be getting the freshest food you can buy :)

Try joining a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and enjoy a range of fresh produce from spring to fall. Many farms offer them, and they should be easy to find in your area! You never know what you're going to get, even year after year, because each growing season is different. But one thing you will definitely get is a feeling of being closer to nature, closer to a natural rhythm, and closer to savoring the flavor of sun-ripened fruits and vegetables.

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