Why Clean Wine is More Than Just the BEST Tasting

If you have learned anything about me so far, you know I have a HUGE heart for the earth. Something you might not know is that the clean wine that I enjoy and share with clients is from a company that also cares for the planet in much the same way that I do.

Scout & Cellar clean-crafted wine is the most delicious wine on the planet, that's why I drink it! But the reason that I felt that this was something I wanted to be part of, the reason I joined their growing family as a Wine Consultant, is because of their big love for the earth too.

They care about what goes in our bodies, and what goes into the land covering our beautiful planet. That's why all of the wines that they source are from grapes grown by small family run farms who are dedicated, and just as passionate, about growing their crops without pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and fungicides.

One farmer in California was asked by his grape buyer if he would start using pesticides and fertilizer on his vineyard. They needed his yield to increase, as a term of his contract. He refused and the company dropped his contract. He was left with all his beautiful grapes and no one to purchase them.

Luckily for Scout & Cellar, and for this farmer, a beautiful partnership was able to take shape. Someone from the winery team at our corporate office heard of this wonderful farm's commitment to growing organic and made an offer for a multi-year contract! He was able to continue his business, in a way that was purely authentic - something we love at Scout & Cellar.

The grapes that are grown by the farmers are harvested in early morning hours, and by hand, to protect them from too much bruising which will alter the flavor - a reason why many mass-produced wine companies need to pour in the additives - up to 250 of them!

These grapes are then sold to other small family owned wineries who are also committed to keeping the juice clean and organic as it gets fermented into wine. They craft their wine slowly, letting the juice ferment without any added sugars, zero added food coloring, and definitely nothing that will stretch the yield!

This partnership allows for a cleaner wine to be produced, from grape to glass! The wines are lab tested twice to ensure that none of the yucky stuff has made its way into the bottle. The wines are bottled in lighter glass, so when we ship all over the country, it creates a smaller footprint. The corks are eco-friendly and recyclable, the boxes are made from recycled materials, and we don't use foil because it doesn't need to be there!

It warms my heart to be contributing to a better future by way of plant-based food and clean-crafted wine. I love toasting to the good life, healthy minds, and a cleaner planet. Cheers to this commitment to doing better, together - for our bodies, and for the planet.

To have a look through the current wine list visit scoutandcellar.com/cheflaurendagostino or email cheflauren@laurendagostino.com with questions or recommendation requests.

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