What's really in your wine?

Have you ever noticed that wine bottles don't have ingredients labels or nutritional facts? They actually aren't required to be there because wine is classified under the ATF, not the FDA or USDA.

As a consumer, you may have experienced yucky feelings after attempting to enjoy a glass of wine - headaches, runny noses, congestion, etc. These are common, but not normal, reactions after drinking a glass of wine.

These symptoms are most likely a reaction to the 250+ chemicals and additives that are approved to be inside your glass. So if you've been noticing difficulty drinking wine, there's good news - it's not you, it's your wine!

The mass-produced wine industry has changed quite a bit in the last several years, and so many wine loving consumers have had to say goodbye to their favorite vino thinking that they just "can't handle wine any longer." This simply isn't true!

Wine should be clean and pure - simply grapes and time - but like many products that are in high-demand, corners can be cut which result in potential dangers to consumers. Hear from our founder, Sarah, about clean-crafted wine from grape to glass.

When Scout & Cellar CEO, Sarah Shadonix, discovered all the yucky ingredients found in most wines, she was determined to find a way to do better - for our bodies and for our planet.

Scout & Cellar wines are always free from chemical additives and harmful toxins, like glyphosate - the main ingredient in RoundUp. Mega-purple food coloring, preservatives, fertilizers, pesticides, and other harmful ingredients are also on the list of ingredients you won't ever find inside a bottle of our wine. In fact, our wines are lab tested twice to ensure purity!

Made with minimal sulfites, and produced with the utmost care to protect the grapes, we are working with growers and wineries who value the winemaking process as much as we value enjoying clean-crafted wine.

Scout & Cellar is bottling clean-crafted wine across the globe with some really cool labels you won't find in stores. Labels with a story that reflects our core values of transparency, family, and doing the right thing. Wine can be ordered right online and shipped direct to consumer, even as a gift!

View the wine list and taste the clean-crafted difference at scoutandcellar.com/cheflaurendagostino

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