What is "Intuitive Cooking?"

Maybe you've heard of intuitive eating, or have been making an effort to "listen to your body" in your quest to eat the perfect diet. Or maybe you kind of "wing it" when you prepare your meals. Or perhaps you've had to scrape together whatever kind of meal you could, in whatever situation you may have found yourself in - like living as inexpensively as possible as you studied your way through undergrad.

All of these practices have a common thread - intuition.

I believe that intuitive cooking is the key to staying engaged and interested in eating a healthy diet that changes with the seasons and is responsive to the best that nature has to provide. Intuitive cooking is a practice that is built upon three basic principles: having a well stocked pantry, changing strategies in the kitchen, and learning to batch cook instead of meal prep. Read more about these foundations in "How to release your inner chef," and look out for my "Secrets of plant-based living" course, coming this fall.

When was the last time you felt empowered when you were cooking yourself and your family a meal? Have you ever felt so confident in your ability to taste and season your food that you prepared something without a recipe? That's intuitive cooking! And you don't need to study food intensely, or attend a formal culinary program, or buy all the cookbooks to learn this method. Because it's inside of you already, and I'm going to help you learn how you can own your health in the kitchen!

And guess what else?

You also already know, within your very own body - the place you've lived your whole entire life, which foods work for your unique body type and which ones don't. The biggest challenge in practicing this style of eating, however, is learning to quiet down the noise of the food industry and opinions of family and friends enough to hear your inner wisdom, to learn which foods don't agree with your system.

Our bodies talk to us in all kinds of ways, and each of us will experience a different conversation because we are all unique. So, yes, you can stop listening to what the fad diets are saying, what the media is reporting, and what latest food craze your friend has tried - because you are now your own experiment.

Trust me when I say that there is no better motivation for sticking to a new eating plan than connecting the dots to the way that eating a particular food makes you feel.

I've learned to listen more closely to what my body is trying to tell me - through internal cues, external expressions of imbalance (like acne), and energy levels. And all I can say is that it is worth it, and it has made enjoying an alternative lifestyle easier and more enjoyable.

Coming Fall 2019: Release Your Intuitive Chef - Online Cooking Camp

Join me in the kitchen as I cook some of my favorite foods using a simple set of formulas that will give you the confidence and courage to cook - without a recipe!

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