How to Show Good Love Through Good Food

We all have people in our lives who we love, hopefully a long list of them! When these people have a special occasion, achieve a goal, or aren't feeling well, what are we likely to want to do for them? Bring them food, make them food, serve something special, share a beautiful meal, or make them a birthday cake! But is this the best way to really love them?

We love to show love through food, and we have gathered around the table in celebration for centuries. But what if we take the idea that every time we eat is an opportunity to either love our bodies and build them up, or take them for granted and slowly tear them down? We can either show our amazing bodies gratitude and eat food that it can deal with, or we can make a food choice that leads to a body struggling to make sense of what we just ate. Either way, it needs to get processed - and in this way it builds a strong body or slowly damages the one we've got.

A good example of this idea is food that is inflammatory - sugar, processed foods, acidic foods like meats and dairy, and gluten. Some bodies benefit from small amounts of animal protein when sourced responsibly, but for the most part the majority of people are eating far more than is necessary, and it's poor quality at that.

So what if instead of baking a cake for a birthday, we took this opportunity to cook for someone and instead we infused the menu, or the meal, with things that their body would really love? What then? ....Isn't that the most amazing way to show someone you love them, to make them a healthy meal AND one that tastes really incredible?

I think so. And it's possible - thanks to some really creative and dedicated speciality bloggers and cookbook authors. I used to love to cook food for people - baked goods mostly. But in all those years of baking cakes, cookies, and all kinds of sweets for people, I started to feel really guilty. My heart was in the right place, the good intention was there in wanting to show love or show appreciation, but ultimately, the guilt took over. I realized I could no longer have my hands in products and in recipes that I knew were loaded with sugar, with oils that weren't good for the body, or tons of processed ingredients.

I made the decision to walk away from a promising career in pastry before it could take off because I felt called to a higher mission. I had turned to plants in my personal practice and was feeling amazing - I knew I was on to something.

Surprised to learn that I have an educational background in pastry from Le Cordon Blue? Most people are! But it was a starting place for me, where my journey began. I met some amazing people along the way and I wouldn't change it for a thing. But what I learned along the way was really surprising but it's how I ended up here - loving people by serving and sharing food they love that loves them back. And it now makes sense because it's kind of come full circle in this philosophy of food as self-care and showing love through food.

Next time someone in your life is celebrating a momentous occasion or you want to just show love through food, consider what kind of food will love their body back. And I bet if you do that, you might be inclined to include more plant based ingredients, more wholesome ingredients, and some amazing flavors that you know they'll love.

It can be really fun to find a common ground incorporating flavors that they go crazy for, but also ingredients that their body will love too. If you need some ideas on what that actually looks like, I would love to chat. I've got tons of resources and always have ideas flowing in. So if I can help you show love through food with the people in your life, I would love nothing more than to chat with you.

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