Food as Self-Care: The Food You Eat

One of my favorite topics to talk about - food as self-care and self-love. The first concept is, of course, to focus on the actual food. Watch the candid clip below to hear more about this philosophy or read on below!

Have you noticed that we talk a lot about self-care rituals these days? From the meditation practices to the massages, the personal care products and endless list of biohacking trends. There's so much to explore!

One SUPER accessible form of self-care, and arguably my personal favorite, is the food we are eating every single day. Yes, in my world, self-care includes food!

And it kind of makes sense doesn't it? It's something we do every day - cook and eat - and each choice we make impacts our bodies on multiple levels. It becomes part of us physically, it affects our emotions, our energy, and I'll even be so bold as to say that it affects our ability to get in touch with our intuition and the spiritual world/creator/God/Goddess/source - whatever word resonates.

Plant-based food, and its lifestyle, is simply the gateway to the incredible discoveries that await when we explore alternative modalities such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, reiki, energy healing, or even simply to know ourselves deeper and connect with our internal wisdom - our intuition.

We simply can't access the same level of self-care and healing if we are eating fake food, low-vibe food, and foods that trigger an inflammatory response in our bodies.

Maybe the coolest thing about this perspective is that we get to access this simple self-care every single day, multiple times a day. How cool is that?


Are you inspired to celebrate self-care through food? Let me know by sharing your plant-based choices on social media - tag me @cheflaurendagostino and use #cheflaurentaughtmethat

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