Crafting a Positive Kitchen Mindset

When many of my clients first talk with me about where they're at in their plant-based journey, something that is often shared is the judgment and limitation that, "I am not a cook."

My comment in return is always a kind and loving, "Not with that attitude." And it is here in this exchange that we begin to make a shift - we start to craft a positive kitchen mindset.

We understand that mindset is incredibly important, and it most definitely applies in the kitchen! We are all capable of preparing nourishing meals for ourselves, to feed our body, mind, and soul; it's just that many of us have forgotten how to do so in the craziness that is twenty-first century living.

With an abundance of convenience foods, takeout, and meal delivery boxes available to satisfy any craving or diet trend, it's no wonder so many people have outsourced their meal preparation. However, the one ingredient that can be hard to find outside of your home kitchen is intention - love, gratitude, healing, nourishment. These are the secret ingredients that are added when we cook meals for ourselves and our families with our own hands, in our own homes.

And yet what stands in the way of this magic unfolding is the false belief that "I can't cook," or "I'm not a chef."

We place such pressure on ourselves to create the perfect meal every time we cook a meal. If it doesn't come out how we intended or as amazing it might if it were professionally prepared, we are so quick to dismiss our ability to cook at all.

What we forget to take into consideration is that cooking is a practice.

It takes time to hone this skill, to master the way we season our food, to create bliss and nourishment on the plate. When we view cooking as a practice, one that is similar to yoga for example, we can begin to understand that there is in an element of grace, compassion, and patience that must be part of the recipe and strategy.

We begin to see the process of cooking as a ritual, a self-care practice.

Plant-based food has the power to nourish, to heal, and to add vitality to our lives; but if we don't also bring this holistic philosophy to our mindset and our energy as we prepare our meals, we miss out greatly on the real benefit of preparing our meals ourselves. The most important one being a shift in our vibration, from the inclusion of love and gratitude as we cook.

And all of this is made possible by shifting our perspective from "I'm not a cook" to "I am practicing preparing nutritious meals for myself with loving kindness, patience, and gratitude." When we begin to do this, everything changes, and the most wonderful and accessible form of self-care that exists - plant-based cooking - is ours for enjoyment.

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