Cooking with Essential Oils - Geranium

Embracing the beautiful floral flavor of Geranium was an absolute joy while writing this cookbook - so much so that it inspired an incredible cover shot, and what's become a signature photo of my branding as a private chef.

Before I had the idea to add geranium essential oil to a baked good, I was enjoying it in my water with spearmint, and a few citrus oils. Seem like a strange combination? Read more about the benefits this unique essential oil offers and you'll likely want to get your hands on this amazing and powerful essential oil too!

Geranium essential oil is useful in treating the following conditions:

• Liver, gallbladder, pancreas and kidney issues - applied over the area of concern or taken internally in a capsule

• Blood issues and bleeding - applied to troubled area to restore healthy blood or stop bleeding

• Cuts & wounds - applied to the area of concern to keep wounds clean, stop bleeding, and regenerate tissue

• PMS & hormone balancing - massaged on abdomen or taken under the tongue

• Low libido - massaged, diluted, over abdomen or taken under the tongue

• Dry or oily hair & skin - applied to scalp or troubled skin to retain oil balance

• Moisturizer - applied diluted and used as a moisturizer for skin hydration and balance

• Body odor - applied to underarms as a deodorant

• Emotional balance - used aromatically and topically to go from neglected to mended

Emotionally speaking, geranium is the oil of love and trust. It helps in restoring confidence in the innate goodness of others and in the world. It helps to facilitate trust, especially when individuals have lost trust in others due to difficult life circumstances. This powerful oil encourages receptivity to love and connection.

It also aids in healing a broken heart, encourages emotional honesty, softens anger, and assists in healing emotional wounds, allowing love to flow freely. This oil is gentle and perfect for babies and children because it nurtures the inner child and supports in re-parenting this aspect of self. Powerful in healing the heart, instilling unconditional love, and fostering trust, geranium helps us to access our emotions by leading us away from our logical minds and into the warmth and nurture of the heart.

It is a beautiful essential oil, indeed - not just for cooking, but as a self-care staple. Get yours here:

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