Cooking with Essential Oils - Cilantro

Cilantro is an herb you either love or hate. If you're with me in the love it camp, this is one essential oil you never want to be without!

How many times have you thrown out a rotten, mushy bunch of cilantro? It happens all too often, which is why I was totally thrilled to learn that I could cook with my doTERRA Cilantro essential oil.

Of course, it gives my guacamole its incredible flavor, but is delicious is so many other dishes! Thai hummus, carnitas jackfruit, and seasoning salts to name a few...

Aside from its power and flavor in our plant-based kitchens, Cilantro essential oil is helpful for so many things. When you're not enjoying it in a taco or added to soup, try it out for any of these challenges mentioned below!

1. Heavy metal detox

Use in a capsule or added to fresh juice or a shot of water

2. Gas, bloating, constipation

Apply over abdomen

3. Allergies

Apply over liver or on bottoms of feet to ease allergies by reducing liver toxicity

4. Liver and kidney support

Take in a capsule or apply over the liver and kidney area

5. Fungal and bacterial infections

Use in a capsule and apply topically to infected area

6. Body odor

Combine with peppermint in a capsule

7. Anxiety

Inhale or diffuse

8. Emotional balance

Use aromatically to help with releasing control

Cilantro supports the detoxification of negative emotions and shedding what is not in harmony with their true selves. Those in need of this oil may attempt to obsessively control other people or manage their environment. On the inside, these people may experience a great deal of worry and mental strain.

Cilantro aids in emotional cleansing and encourages the release of worry and control by assisting in centering in their True Self. This oil liberates the soul from heavy burdens, sparking a life that is light and free.

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