Cooking with Essential Oil - Cinnamon Bark

Cinnamon Bark essential oil is surprisingly spicy in flavor, reminiscent of red hot candies. Proceed with caution when using this oil in baking, as its flavor is not a 1:1 replacement for ground cinnamon. The toothpick method is the best way to use this oil. Simply dip a clean toothpick into the top orifice and swirl the toothpick in the dish or drink. Repeat, with a clean toothpick, until the desired flavor is reached.

It is, however, a delicious addition to coconut whipped cream, vegan caramel for dipping apples, and in detox concoctions. Let's cover a little bit more about this powerful oil to learn why you might consider adding it's flavor to your tea, your baking, or your other recipes.

1. Diabetes and high blood sugar

Take in a capsule to balance blood sugar

2. Cold and flu

Take in a capsule or apply to the bottoms of feet. Diffuse to cleanse air.

3. Cholesterol and heart issues

Apply diluted to bottoms of feet or take in a capsule for increased blood flow

4. Oral health

Gargle a drop in water to combat oral infection

5. Fungus and bacteria

Take in a capsule

6. Kidney infection

Take in a capsule

7. Vaginal health

Take in a capsule

8. Low libido and sexual stimulant

Take in a capsule or dilute and apply to warm and stimulate

9. Muscle strain and pain

Apply diluted to relieve

10. Emotional balance

Use aromatically and topically to go from denied to receptive, and to assist with sexual harmony

**If using topically, be sure to dilute as Cinnamon Bark essential oil can be irritating to the skin, and is considered a "hot oil."

Cinnamon Bark essential oil is the oil of sexual harmony because it strongly supports the reproductive system and helps heal sexual issues. It holds the power to rekindle sexual energy when there has been repression, trauma, or abuse. It can also bring clarity to souls who struggle with their sexual identity.

Cinnamon Bark also encourages the soul to let go of control and allow others to be free, in relationships where insecurities are shown by jealousy or control. Cinnamon Bark can help to nurture strong relationships based on a mutual love and deep respect, allowing true intimacy to emerge.

Is Cinnamon Bark essential calling you? Learn more at the link below and get yours ordered!

Need a little more guidance in adding this oil to your recipes? Find my cookbook, "Plant-Based Vegan & Gluten-Free Cooking with Essential Oils" on Amazon! And share with friends :)

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