Beginning Your Plant-Based Journey

"I want to go plant-based" is something I hear all the time. And it makes me so excited! But it makes many people overwhelmed, confused, hesitant, and apprehensive. They share with me that they've just started to make the switch, or have been thinking about it but haven't jumped yet. And I find that they're not nearly as excited or celebrating as big as they should be.

In my mind, my excitement is an expression of my understanding all the benefits that this lifestyle is about to bring this person. The flavor and fun that awaits, and all the other shifts that this transition will offer - better sleep, improved digestion, more energy, vibrant skin, and so much more!

But in their mind, the overwhelm is an expression of the change, uncertainty, and lack of confidence. There is so much they don't know and shifting out of the way they have been eating, and living, for most of their lives can be a bit daunting!

What I've learned is that it's really all in mindset, especially when you are at the beginning of your plant-based journey. So here are some tips that can help you to kick off this transition with a fresh and fun energy!

ASK YOURSELF - What is currently in your diet? Have a cold hard look at what's in your kitchen, and what kinds of foods you gravitate to. You may be surprised by the amount of veggies in your diet already! Plant-based doesn't have to mean plant-exclusive, so celebrate the goodness that's in your life already. Visit to have a peek at the Beginners Guide Workbook if you need help understanding where you are and where you're going!

IMAGINE WHAT YOUR HIGHEST-SELF DESIRES - Where are you going in your lifestyle? Are you wanting to be fully vegan? Are you simply needing to increase the veg on your plate? Or somewhere in between? Maybe you're including meat or eggs but have decided to support a local farmer? It's so important to know where you're going on your health and lifestyle journey so we can figure out the best way to get there - just like when you're traveling!

SET-UP FOR SUCCESS - Clean out your pantry and get restocked for efficiency in your new lifestyle! When you only purchase healthy ingredients, you open up all kinds of creativity in your kitchen. Not sure what you should be buying? Get my Intuitive Kitchen Pantry Guide by leaving your email at the bottom of this blog post.

TAKE IT ONE STEP AT A TIME - You can't expect to make a sustainable transition if you try to jump all in right out the gate. Take it slow, and be graceful with yourself in the process. Begin by shifting a few days per week and focus on how you feel, if you notice changes in your body. Notice what happens when you eat meat or dairy on the other days. Begin each day with an intention to eat as many life giving foods as you can, drink tons of water, and laugh as much as you can.

Experiencing these changes in your body can be the most powerful motivation in this transition process. When you start to feel better, you don't need so much willpower. You won't actually desire to eat the foods that you are working to eliminate because you'll know that they don't work for you.

You'll be making healthy choices, and then that will shift into your lifestyle - so that it's no longer a decision, just part of what you naturally want to choose. You will likely also experience the extra weight falling off, as if by magic because you'll be feeding your body, mind, and soul with real food. When we eat real food, we stay fuller longer, and really satisfy the physical, emotional, and energetic needs of our incredible human bodies.

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