10 Things I Love About Essential Oils

If you've been around my kitchen for a while now, you know I love to cook with essential oils. But they are so helpful for so many different things, so today we're going back to basics for 10 things to love about essential oils!

The oils I use personally, and share with others, come from doTERRA - the most trusted essential oil company in the world. All 10 things are a reflection of this brand standard only :)

1. They're SAFE

Essential oils are 100% natural and safe - for babies, kids, adults, the elderly, for everyone! There's nothing added to the oil or taken away from the oil. They're just simply pure essential oils with no side effects and no addictions. Oils are extracts from plants that have amazing health benefits.

A pure oil is about 50-70 times more powerful than herbs! One drop of Peppermint essential oil is equivalent to drinking 28 cups of peppermint tea - so they're really potent!

What I love about these oils is their CPTG standard. It stands for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, and it means these oils are completely pure and potent. Pre means there are no fillers or foreign contaminants. Potent means that each plant was grown in a part of the world where that plant grows best, resulting in the absolute best chemistry for that plant. When you have the ideal natural chemistry, the essential oil extracted does exactly was we want it to do for our health.

2. They're EFFECTIVE

What makes an essential oil more effective than many medications is the fact that they are, well, oil based. Let's go back to Biology 101 for a second to take a closer look...

Our cells have oily cell membranes which keep all the good things in and all the bad things out. Very simply, those are bacteria and viruses. Bacteria hangout on the outside of our cells, so antibiotics are effective in wiping them out, but they also take out the good bacteria with them.

However, when we have a virus, which lives on the inside of our cells, there isn't usually much that modern medicine can offer us. This is because synthetic medicines are mostly water based - and we know that water and oil (the cell membrane) don't mix. So what can we use to repair and restore our bodies on a cellular level?!

Essential oils, of course! Oils can permeate the cell membrane because they are oil-based. They can work on a cellular level without side effects or addictions, and they can combat bacteria on the outside of the cell and prevent the duplication of viruses on the inside.


This is one of the coolest things about essential oils, and is definitely a reason to love them! When you use pure and potent essential oils, you only need to use a few drops. And each 15mL bottle contains 250 drops! That's just pennies per dose - it's the best way to manage your health naturally.

4. Their PURE aroma

There is nothing better than aromatherapy with CPTG essential oils - because they actually smell how nature intended! Think of peeling a fresh orange, for example. That's how the orange essential oil should smell! When you smell a rose, or peppermint leaves - that's the essential oil that you're smelling.

The pure aroma that you experience is what can trigger a powerful response in your limbic system and out to the rest of your body. When the oils contain synthetic ingredients or chemicals, your body doesn't know what to do with them, or worse, will actually be harmed! It's a no brainer to choose pure essential oils!

5. Reducing TOXINS

This is a BIG one in my house! Toxic agents, found in cleaning supplies, personal care products, and even our foods, can disrupt our hormones in really disturbing ways. Any time you smell the strong fragrance coming from your products, those are chemicals!

Essential oils and other natural products are light, pleasant, and refreshing. They are effective but their fragrance won't cause headaches or other reactions. They're an easy swap to make as you make a conscious effort in your home to choose healthier options.

6. Use them TOPICALLY

Topical use of essential oils has been one of my favorite ways to love natural wellness because of the way they absorb into the skin. Using pure essential oils topically is a great way to find targeted relief, such as a headache, bug bite, or sore joints.

Using them topically involves using a carrier oil in most cases, so that the oil can be spread over a larger surface area. This also helps them to absorb into the skin more effectively because the carrier oil prevents the essential oil from evaporating off the skin so quickly.

Plus, you can use essential oils topically for personal fragrance! It's so fun to create your own unique aroma using natural oils.

7. Take them INTERNALLY

YES, you can take doTERRA essential oils internally. In fact, it's recommended because that's how they work best. This is not true for most essential oils - because they are not pure.

When we take essential oils internally, we can use them for issues such as depression, anxiety, inflammation, hormone balance, sleep, pain, digestion, and more. You can also add them to your water for refreshing flavor and internal benefits like gentle detox, curbing cravings, and freshening breath.

8. Their powerful FLAVOR

Along those same lines, you can use other essential oils, such as Rosemary, Cilantro, Ginger, and Lemongrass when you're cooking! The flavor is incredible and the oil is so convenient and easy to use. For the basics, my favorite recipes, and tons of plant-based inspiration check out my cookbook! www.laurendagostino.com/eo-cookbook

9. Amazing for SKIN

My skin is LOVING essential oils these days, but especially the internal power of an amazing supplement line that was created to work as the foundation of a natural lifestyle. My complexion has evened, I no longer experience painful breakouts on my jawline, and I'm glowing from the inside out.

10. Healthcare at my FINGERTIPS

It's really awesome to have anything I need right inside my home. Whether I'm not feeling well, have a skin issue, a cleaning challenge, need help with breathing or with sleep, the list is endless of all the ways I've been able to love essential oils.

One of the coolest things is that there is more than one essential oil that can be used to approach a particular challenge. There are never any side effects, so even if you reach for the "wrong" essential oil, you won't be doing your body any harm.

There are infinitely more ways to love essential oils, and I can't wait to share them with you!! Send me an email at cheflauren@laurendagostino.com to share something you learned or to continue the conversation. I can't wait to talk oils with you!

For more on essential oils, or to get some ordered visit my.doterra.com/cheflaurendagostino and be sure to reach out for your complimentary 90 day wellness consultation!

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