Our Sacred Seasons Retreat


A Nourishing Women's Wellness Weekend | October 29-31, 2021


Do you crave connection with like-minded women, in a supportive and inspiring environment? 

Are you surrounded by people who light you up? Or are you finding your current friendships unsatisfying?

Do you feel ungrounded and overwhelmed in your evolution from your current self to your highest self?

Do you crave a tribe of like minded women who choose enriching workshops over boozy brunch? 

Is your thirst for personal development and spiritual growth unquenchable?

Are you exploring or committed to a plant based and holistic lifestyle, and wanting to share in this experience and passion with others? 

Do you wish to establish daily practices to better honor your natural cycles and create more ease and balance in your daily life?


You deserve this sacred gift of community.



Our mission is to connect with conscious young women and grow a tribe of high-vibrational and supportive relationships with our soul sisters, as we each seek to create the lives we desire.

Ask Yourself...


What would it feel like to spend time with new friends who become your soul sisters?

  • Inspiration to pursue the holistic modalities that resonate

  • Motivation to explore your passions

  • Acceptance of authentic self

  • Happier and healthier relationships in your life

  • Encouragement along the journey

  • Accelerated and supported connection to highest-self

  • Compassion for the season you're in

  • Elevated vibration and increased happiness

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It's time to...

  • Form new and authentic relationships

  • Ditch the drama in your life

  • Prioritize high-vibrational activities
  • Fuel your body with seasonal, plant-based nourishment
  • Trust your intuition

  • Nourish your soul's desire for deep connection

  • Attune to your natural cycle

  • Say YES to yourself and your happiness


About the Experience

Retreat to the beach | October 29-31, 2021


Join us, Alisha Phipps and Chef Lauren D’Agostino, for a nourishing weekend in Old Orchard Beach, ME. We have curated a sacred weekend retreat to help women like you learn to connect with their intuition and explore the healing and nourishment found in nature.

This will be a special place to share vulnerably, connect authentically, and encourage growth as we learn from one another.

We invite you to give yourself this sacred gift you deserve. 

Enjoy seasonal, gourmet plant-based cuisine prepared with high-vibrations of love and intentions of gratitude and healing. Reconnect with nature by way of your meals, as you learn how delicious a plant-based lifestyle can be, and why it's so crucial to holistic wellbeing.

As women, we’re going through our own pandemic within the bodies we reside in. Our hormonal balance is being destroyed by our overly stressful lives, unfulfilling jobs, by the toxic products we use on our skin, and by the chemicals and pesticides we consume. We can’t thrive when we fall out of sync with our lives. We will teach you how to begin harmonizing your body by attuning to your natural cycles, tapping into your feminine essence and amplifying your power source. 

Our Sacred Seasons Retreat is for you if:


  • You're seeking to attract your soul tribe and find your community

  • You're wanting support on your personal development and spiritual growth journey

  • You're looking to create long-lasting, heart-centered connections

  • You're desiring to release judgment of the "old you"

  • You're ready to reach your highest potential

Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Do you desire...

CONNECTION with like-minded women

GROWTH and encouragement along your journey

ALIGNMENT with nature's seasons and your own natural cycles

INSPIRATION to explore your authentic self

NOURISHMENT of your mind, body, and soul

LOVE AND SATISFACTION from the relationships and your life

Your Hosts

We met through a women’s wellness group and became fast friends connecting over our shared love for plant-based living, holistic and integrative nutrition, and all things manifestation.

Both our philosophies around food and a plant-based lifestyle offer deeper connection to ourselves and nature. We believe in enjoying what’s good for our bodies and good for the earth, in a way that’s sustainable, beautiful, and fun.

We are passionate about building a tribe of like-minded ladies, connecting over self-care through holistic modalities, astrology and spiritual teachings, and creating the lives we desire.


We can't wait to meet you!

with love and infinite good vibes,

Lauren + Alisha


What's Included

2 nights accommodations at a picturesque beach side New England home


2 dinners and 2 brunches featuring gourmet high-vibe plant-based cuisine

Clean-Crafted Wine or Crafted Elixir (Non-Alcoholic) Tasting

Daily Sound Healing and Guided Meditation 

Honoring + Attuning to Our Body’s Natural Cycles Workshop

Plant-Based Cooking Demo

Add-On Services or Experiences:

"Behind the Scenes with Chef Lauren"

A two hour chef assistant experience with 1:1 cooking coaching and a look behind the scenes at the intuitive kitchen magic!


   ”Heal Yourself, Heal the World - Reiki Energy Session” with Alisha Phipps
A 90 minute energy healing treatment to repair and rebalance your body, mind and soul. You can expect to feel awaken, refreshed, energized and more positive after this 1:1 treatment and integration.


Conscious conversation and coaching

Free time to reflect and integrate


$999 EARLY BIRD until July 31, 2021

$1,111 after August 1, until sold out

or pay in two installments of $655, due at time of booking and thirty days (October 1, 2021) prior to retreat

View our Participant Agreement and Cancellation Policy


Sister, you deserve this gift​


Hi, I'm Chef Lauren.


Former ice cream addict. Plant-based foodie. Self-proclaimed flavor snob. 

My journey to plant-based began in 2015, when I noticed my body wasn't thriving on cake scraps and soggy french fries - byproducts of my two jobs in food service and hospitality.

A graceful and experimental path unfolded out of necessity and it changed my life.

The strategies I learned are still in practice today - a hybrid of intuitive techniques and professional experience.

I am head over heels in love with my lifestyle, and I can't wait to guide you on your own plant-based path - however far you decide to walk.

Hi, I'm Alisha.


A recovering perfectionist and high achiever who spent the last decade as a rising star at a fast-paced, high growth, medical device company. On paper it looked like I was living the dream: successful career, traveling the country, and helping a lot of people.


But in reality, I was stressed, miserable and on the brink of burnout. In order to  save my health and my sanity, I embarked on a journey of self healing. I made a courageous leap to leave my “secure” job, travel the world, and prioritize my well being.


Along this journey I spent time looking inward - I reconnected with myself, with nature and with what truly mattered. To empower myself and deepen my own healing, I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in the spring of 2019.


As a result, I realized I was being called to something higher. I became deeply inspired to help women beat the battle with themselves, their body, and their food to create more harmony and balance in their everyday lives.



Celebrate Our Sacred Seasons

We invite you to our soul tribe. We want you to be part of this nourishing and high-vibe experience. 

Sister, you deserve this sacred gift. 




This weekend was exactly what I needed. It was structured enough so you didn't feel bored, but loose enough to where it felt like you were just hanging out with your friends. Workshops were fun and informative with no pressure. I loved being near the beautiful ocean and how it was encouraged to go relax and enjoy if you desired.


I really enjoyed the balance of workshops, socialization and relaxation. It gave me time to digest new information, enjoy getting to know everyone and just breath in the peaceful weekend. This time was SO needed, especially in such a crazy and unpredictable year when I've found it hard to take time for myself.