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You've likely heard the buzz about essential oils, and you probably bought a few at your local health food store or online. But did you know that not all essential oils are created equally?

Many companies cut corners which reduces the efficacy of the oil and can result in, well, no results!

Just like the strikingly different flavor of a garden grown summer tomato vs its hot house winter ​cousin, plants grown for essential oil production work the same way. 

doTERRA is committed to sourcing, harvesting, and producing the highest quality essential oils available on the market - and those are the oils that are safe for ingestion, and that are fun and flavorful to cook with!​

We turn to doTERRA when we are looking for natural solutions for common ailments, when we want to be able to support our health with remedies at our fingertips and when we seek to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

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One of the most wonderful benefits of using certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils is their many uses, including internal consumption for those generally regarded as safe, or GRAS. Because plant-based eating and food preparation are such natural and integral parts of our lives, it’s no surprise that essential oils extracted from the plants we commonly cook with can be used in the kitchen.

Adding essential oils to your kitchen will not only provide powerful flavor, but you will also enjoy any internal health benefit associated with the oils you choose. Cooking with essential oils provides a safe, natural way to flavor your foods and beverages while offering convenience when fresh ingredients are not available.


The natural purity and potency of essential oils make them perfect for adding flavor to any dish, and it doesn’t take much - a little goes a long way! Having essential oils on hand takes a fresh and delicious meal to the next level, especially when you’re out of something! Using fresh, seasonal, and local produce is ideal but it’s not always available year round. Because essential oils last so long, you don’t have to worry about fresh ingredients going bad.

We’ve all purchased a bunch of cilantro with the best intentions of using it all, only to have it rot to mush after using it only in the recipe we needed it for. Since only a drop or less is needed in your recipes using essential oils, it’s very cost-effective. Not to mention the added bonus of having some of these oils on hand for other ailments and aromatherapy!

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