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Judgment-Free Support for Hungry People Transitioning to a Plant-Based Life

Hey friend! If you've been paying any attention to health and wellness news, you’ve probably been hearing about plant-based nutrition for a while now. You know you are serious about seeking natural solutions when it comes to your health, and you want to do this, mainly in your kitchen, with a whole foods plant-based approach.​

And yet, you haven’t made the change yet. 


I bet you are like so many others who are considering this type of lifestyle shift; you don’t know how to get started and that has held you back.


You know that you want a plant-centered lifestyle because of the tremendous health benefits, but you have no idea WHAT to cook, never mind knowing HOW to cook it. Every time you’ve tried to find your own plant-based recipes, some of the ingredients made you a little nervous. 


You hadn’t even heard of some of these foods, how were you supposed to prepare them?! How could you possibly make a transition like this in your diet if it feels like homework just getting started?! 


I totally get it. That certainly isn’t going to position you for success, and it definitely is not fun. 


Well, the good news is, healthy doesn’t have to be intimidating...


Healthy is meant to be intuitive, simple, and fun. 



My goal is to make sure that you actually enjoy preparing this new food to ensure your long term success from this lifestyle change. Not knowing the what and the how behind cooking delicious and comforting plant-based meals may have gotten in your way before, but we’re going to change that! 


We’re going to make sure that you have fun with your new plant-based life so that you can enjoy your life with all these amazing health benefits and flavor.

Ask Yourself...


What would it feel like to experience these incredibly transformative health changes in your life?

  • More energy and vigor - that "Joie de Vivre"

  • Less inflammation and pain so you can do the things you love

  • Youthful and glowing skin

  • Faster recovery from injury

  • Banished brain fog and improved memory

  • Better digestion and less bloating

What have been the roadblocks preventing this from happening

  • Not enough time or money?

  • Overwhelmed, confused, and fear of missing out?

  • Friends, family, and co-workers sabotaging your efforts?

  • No idea how to cook in a new way?

  • It feels like homework just getting started?

Image by Calum Lewis

It's time to...

  • Say YES to more veggies

  • Destroy your junk food ego

  • Ditch the diet gurus

  • Trust your instincts with food

  • Learn how to troubleshoot your recipes

  • LOVE cooking your meals

  • Own your power in the kitchen

  • Embrace your culinary creativity

Unleash your Intuitive Chef


Description of Program

Plant-Based Cooking Coaching


​SKILLS to cook amazing plant-based meals in the day-to-day

STRATEGY for shopping and stocking your pantry

FRAMEWORK for exploring creativity and embracing seasonality

LIBRARY of cooking videos to encourage and develop intuitive cooking style

ACCESS to starter recipes as you learn more about the intuitive cooking process

Natural Lifestyle Support & Tools for Transitioning

CREATE A PLAN that excites you, instead of feeling restricted and overwhelmed

TOTAL clean-out to remove toxins from your home and your life

NATURAL WELLNESS with doTERRA essential oils

CLEAN-CRAFTED and natural Scout & Cellar wines

My Plant-Based Path Workbook 

ASSESSMENT before we begin, so we know where we are starting

ROADMAP for where you want to get to on your journey

TOOLS to make this transition as smooth and sustainable as possible

Plant-Based Lifestyle Coaching is for You If:


  • You're ready to begin your Plant-Based journey but don't know how to start

  • You're on the Plant-Based path but need guidance on increasing the veggies

  • You're wanting support in the final push to jump from vegetarian to vegan

  • You're looking for natural plant-based medicine to support your new kitchen routine

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Do you desire...

FREEDOM to cook without a recipe

FLAVOR and enjoyment, even guilty delight, in your meals

FUN and joy in the process of preparing your food

NATURAL forms of self-care and medicine, right at your fingertips

STRATEGIES for how to transition peacefully into healthier living


A delicious plant-based lifestyle, one that fuels your lifestyle and vitality.

A way to care for your body, your health, and your future by making healthy choices today. Choices that don't feel like sacrifice in flavor, feeling, or fun. Self-love in the form of amazing food that makes you burst with joy, happiness, and love.


Hi, I'm Chef Lauren.


Former ice cream addict. Plant-based foodie. Self-proclaimed flavor snob. 

My journey to plant-based began in 2015, when I noticed my body wasn't thriving on cake scraps and soggy french fries - byproducts of my two jobs in food service and hospitality.

A graceful and experimental path unfolded out of necessity and it changed my life.

The strategies I learned are still in practice today - a hybrid of intuitive techniques and professional experience.

I am head over heels in love with my lifestyle, and I can't wait to guide you on your own plant-based path - however far you decide to walk.


The Process

Phase One - Kitchen Kickstart

MEET where you are​: 

  • Plant-based ​for beginners - a complete introduction to kitchen equipment and clean ingredients

  • Mindset assessment - filling your kitchen and energy with the right tools for a graceful and enjoyable transition 


Phase Two - Plant-Based Fundamentals

EAT​ more plants and learn to cook: 

  • A series of over 20 cooking videos teaching the methods of plant-based cooking in the day-to-day

  • Approachable meals your whole family will be excited about

  • Flavorful dishes that are bursting with nutrition and wholesome ingredients


Phase Three - Practice + Integration + Cooking Lessons

ELEVATE your food, your mindset, and your lifestyle: 

  • 1:1 support to help you reach your health goals - in the kitchen and beyond

  • Learn to cook with essential oils and harness their power and potency in all areas of your life


What's Included

Real-Time Support:​

  • The 30 Day Kitchen Kickstart - your first month to get started right!

  • Once weekly 1:1 coaching calls for 20 minutes each

  • Three 2 hour virtual or in-person cooking lessons ($750 VALUE)

Self-Paced Learning:

  • Access to Plant-Based Fundamentals course ($300 VALUE)

  • Stocking Your Plant-Based Pantry webinar and shopping guide for setting your kitchen up for success ($50 VALUE)

  • Grocery Store Tour webinar featuring favorite brands and best strategies for optimizing your shopping trips ($50 VALUE)

  • Essential Oils Made Easy webinar - learn how to optimize a plant-based diet by up-leveling with plant-based medicine and natural solutions for home and body ($50 VALUE)

  • A signed copy of Lauren's cookbook, Plant-Based, Vegan, Gluten-Free Cooking with Essential Oils. ($35 VALUE)

  • How to Ditch Dairy eBook - a complete guide to plant-based dairy swaps, recipes, with clean-wine pairings, so you can quit dairy without losing your mind ($25 VALUE)

  • That's OVER $500 in bonus materials to set you up for plant-based success, both in and out of the kitchen!! 

My Plant-Based Path Workbook


Most of our roadblocks to healthy living are with mindset. We believe that it's too challenging, too expensive, too time consuming, not enjoyable, or that we aren't worthy of feeling our best and don't deserve great health.


This specially curated workbook is designed to guide you through this transition as you retrain your mind to support your lifestyle.

Image by Nadine Primeau


$​​295 per month for 6 months

$1,500 if paid in full

For access to the self-paced course, Plant-Based Fundamentals, visit:


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You will be able to:

  • SHIFT your mindset for sustainable lifestyle change

  • EMBODY your inner diet guru

  • DITCH dairy once and for all

  • CHANGE your relationship with vegetables

  • SOURCE locally and seasonally

  • ACTUALLY cook delicious food

  • APPROACH health challenges naturally with essential oils


Transition at Your Own Pace for Sustainable Change

Plant-based solutions that will work for you and your family, whether you're going 100% plant-based or simply experimenting with more veggies.


Ease into a healthier lifestyle or jump in with both feet! You get to decide - it's YOUR journey, I'll help you make it delicious and DOABLE.



Image by Boba Jaglicic

Chef Lauren encouraged me to develop and trust my intuition and use her recipes as a guide. We took everyday healthy ingredients and turned them into a divinely tasty and complete meal with many layers of flavor. Her passion and energy in the kitchen is so welcoming. She went above and beyond!

Ashley A.

I liked the experience of intuitive cooking versus following a recipe. It makes you realize how many other combinations can be made once you learn the very simple fundamentals. Thank you Lauren for the great tips!

Debbie B.
Image by Alexander Mils

I absolutely loved Lauren's class! She made preparing and cooking plant-based easy and stress free. Her energy and recipes reignited my creativity in the kitchen. I can't wait to cook for my friends and share all that I've learned.

Alisha P.