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If you're like most people, you've heard the buzz about plant-based foods and you've probably done a bit of research yourself. And you're really wanting to make a change but have no idea how to take those first few steps.

You drool over Pinterest images of vegan food, gaze endlessly at your Instagram feed featuring healthy meals, and you are probably in a bunch of healthy living Facebook groups. And yet, you haven't been able to shift your habits. Sure, there are tons of recipes saved in your bookmarks tab, but you're really wanting to make this easy. I totally understand!

When it comes to your own kitchen and your strategy to prepare these meals you see in your social media, you feel lost, overwhelmed, and discouraged to even begin making a change. Probably because it feels like homework just getting started, am I right? 

Skills & Methods vs Recipes & Rules


Cooking from our intuition, or seat of wisdom, is ​a HUGE act of self-care, and self-love for that matter. And we could all use more of that these days!

Preparing thoughtful, seasonal, and nourishing meals at home and by hand allows for immense transformation in mind, body, and soul.

And the best part? It's done with real food, flavor, and fun! I'm talking about honing your kitchen skills and strategies once and for all - so you can live the rest of your days with the confidence and courage to prepare a healthy and nourishing meal any day of the year.

Learn to cook with Chef Lauren!


When you learn to cook with whole, natural, plant-based ingredients, you open the door to endless creativity. Of course, that is what culinary arts is all about! So how is a plant-based strategy different?

Enjoy the freedom to chop and slice all of your ingredients with the same tools, without needing to worry about cross-contamination. 

Be able to taste your food as you go, without running the risk of eating something that wasn't cooked all the way.

PLUS the many health benefits your body, mind, and soul will savor from learning to cook with the colors of the rainbow and the many foods designed just for us, as human beings.


Your meals, and cooking them, will never be boring!

Join me in the kitchen!

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