Frequently Asked Questions

Plant-Based Cooking + Living
What's the difference between plant-based and vegan?

A vegan diet, and lifestyle, is one that is free from anything that comes from an animal. Food wise, this would include the obvious like meat and eggs, but it also includes dairy, fish, and for many it includes honey as well. I'm a honey lover and local beekeeper supporter, so you'll see that quite a bit around here. 

I don't know if I can be vegan 100% of the time, is that okay?

Yes! Each swap is a step forward, both in your health and the health of our planet. I strongly encourage everyone to try a seven day vegan challenge to allow their bodies to experience what seven days without animals products feels like. So often the biggest block in thinking we can't be vegan is simply that - thinking we can't be vegan.

Will I get enough protein on a vegan diet?

YES again! There are many amazing vegan proteins that provide our bodies with enough of this macronutrient. We don't need nearly as much of it as we have been led to believe. And certainly not all in the form of animal meat! These types of proteins wear pretty heavily on our systems and really weigh us down digestively and energetically. Again, it's up to you to experiment with the right nutrient ratios for your body.

Will I always be hungry?

It may take some adjusting! There is so much fiber in plant-based food and you may be surprised by how full you feel after eating foods that are whole and full of nutrients. When embracing a plant-based diet it is always a good idea to make a conscious effort to prioritize proper hydration too!

What do I do about cheese?! I'm addicted!

I HEAR YOU!! I was a HUGE fan of cheese, and still am! Wait, what?! How?? VEGAN CHEESE is the answer you've been waiting for! And lucky for the modern vegan, there are tons of great brands that make amazing dairy-free cheese, so you don't have to! Check out my comprehensive guide to ditch dairy, it even includes vegan wine pairings if you're like me and like to keep it fancy ;)

What is nutritional yeast and what do I use it for?

Nutritional yeast is a popular food product often used in vegan cooking. It gets its name from the protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it contains. Studies have shown it has a wide range of potential health benefits, ranging from lowering cholesterol to protecting the body from free radical damage.

Use it for all things cheesy! It tastes a lot like parmesan cheese, and is amazing when sprinkled on popcorn or pasta, when used in a cashew cheese sauce, or added to soups and stews.

I'm vegan curious, where do I start?

That's great! How to Ditch Dairy is a great ebook I've created to help those people who are curious about learning what to swap for cheese. If you're starting at the very beginning of the road, start to simply "lighten the load" of animal protein on your body. Can you reduce or eliminate meat from one meal a day, even one day a week. Then maybe two or three or four days a week, and maybe for more than one meal. 

Start with where you are, and take small steps to where you want to be. You can't take a giant leap forward and expect to have enjoyed the journey. If a leisurely pace is more your style, I would certainly agree and recommend it! 

Where can I find your cookbook?

The cookbook is available on Amazon for now, or at in-person events.

Where do I get the essential oils for cooking?

You can find the oils right online, from doTERRA. Make sure to get in touch with any questions you may have, and to schedule your wellness consultation, which is included as a benefit of choosing to discover essential oils with Chef Lauren!

I'm looking for recipes, can I find those here?

This website and blog is not so much a place for recipes in the traditional sense. I'd rather teach you HOW to cook using simple ingredients and whatever is seasonal and on hand. If you need some hands-on guidance with this, Plant-Based Fundamentals is a great course designed to help you learn how to do just that!

Clean-Crafted Wine
What is the deal with this clean wine you pair with menus?

Learn more about Scout & Cellar wine, right from the passionate people who founded the mission to bring chemical free and sustainable wine to the masses. Click the link above.

Is there a wine club I can join?

Yes, there is! And you'll be glad you did - it's the best way to get your wine at the best prices, plus you'll get access to Scout Circle exclusives. Click the link above.

doTERRA Essential Oils
What are essential oils?

Explore some cool things about essential oils, and learn why they are a safer, cheaper, and more effective way to stay healthy. Click the link above.

How do I use essential oils?

Discover three really easy ways to add these natural tools to your lifestyle. Click the link above.

I'm worried about safety, is there somewhere I can read more?

Check out the link above to read more about safety! When oils are 100% pure, they are safe to enjoy.