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Fall in love with plant-based food by serving a high-vibe vegan and gluten-free menu infused with doTERRA essential oils and paired with clean-crafted Scout & Cellar wine. 

  • Happier Hour: Vegan bites paired with vegan wine, perfect for a special occasion or to celebrate the everyday

  • Intimate Catered Dinners: Turn your home into a gourmet vegan restaurant and enjoy a three-course, five-course, or Lauren's signature seven-course Chakra inspired meal

  • Wellness Retreats: Support the holistic modalities and healing offered at your next retreat by hiring the right private chef


the high-vibe food philosophy

food as self-care

Isn’t it amazing that the sun shines on our beautiful planet Earth and that its energy is used by the many plants that grow here to produce the most delicious and nutritious food available? Those are the foods that are meant for us. The ones that build our bodies up, instead of tear our bodies down.

Each day we have many opportunities to show our bodies how much we love them, or give the message that we take them for granted. Every single meal is an opportunity to nourish your body, mind, and soul. When we can prepare our meals in our kitchens with intentions to heal and truly nourish the body, it's the most powerful and accessible form of self-care.


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You've heard the hype about essential oils by now, but did you know that not all essential oils are created equal? Up to 75% of essential oils available on the market contain synthetic ingredients, making them unsafe for internal consumption. And if you're reaching for an essential oil, a more holistic choice, don't you want it to be pure and potent?


Discover the doTERRA difference, and learn how you can access AMAZING flavor to uplevel your plant-based recipes, with Lauren's newly published cookbook, "Plant-Based, Vegan, Gluten-Free Cooking with Essential Oils." Enjoy the pure and unique flavors of lemongrass, ginger, cilantro, rosemary, grapefruit, and so many more!

From the mouths of hungry cookbook readers:

"I haven't enjoyed looking at a cookbook in a very long time. Yours triggers my interest! Like you, it is colorful - new ideas, and right up my alley as far as what I want and choose to put in my body."

"An all-natural approach to healing from the inside out, this book is such a great source of both information and inspiration. You don't have to be 100% committed to veganism to appreciate the value this cookbook has to offer. After spending time with Lauren, taking the photos for this book and taste testing these recipes, the skeptical veil has been lifted off my eyes and I am now a believer in natural remedies."


real food, real flavor, real fun

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Plant-based means just that: focus on plants being the base of what you're eating. But it also means eating real food, little to no refined sugar, processed food, or convenience foods. It doesn't have to mean exclusively vegan, though! Everyone could benefit from eating more plants, more whole foods, and cooking more meals at home. While Lauren doesn't personally advocate for, prepare, or consume any animal products, she does recognize that we are all on an individual journey toward a plant-based future. She hopes that everyone will join her at the fully plant-based party (because we serve the best food!!)

An open and positive mindset is absolutely essential for cooking healthy meals with ease. For even wanting to choose healthy meals - you need to understand that each food choice becomes part of who we are as physical beings. From there, your choices can get easier, and with practice they'll become routine, and eventually the vibrantly colored foods will be so exciting, they'll make you dance with pleasure and joy. At least that's how you'll find Lauren if you walk into her kitchen.


clean-crafted wine

discover the unknown good

Wine is a tricky business, because when it comes to their growth cycle, grapes tend to march to the beat of their own drum. Their natural flavor, color and growing cycle is driven by nature. To capture sameness and establish predictability, producers rely on synthetic pesticides, chemical additives and sugar, which yield a product that tastes the same, bottle after bottle, year after year. Chemical pesticides and additives also make it possible to maximize yields and hide flaws, like bacteria and other unpleasant elements. Unfortunately, this processed wine is chemically-altered and completely unnatural, and you can taste it.


Scout & Cellar offers a chemical, additive-free wine, which provides a more natural, altogether better-tasting wine experience to everyone. We’re here to offer CLEAN-CRAFTED™ wine.


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