intuitive, simple, and fun strategies for delicious plant-based living in the day-to-day


Plant-based means just that: focus on plants being the base of what you're eating. But it also means eating real food, little to no refined sugar, processed food, or convenience foods. It doesn't have to mean exclusively vegan, though! Everyone could benefit from eating more plants, more whole foods, and cooking more meals at home.


While Lauren doesn't personally advocate for, prepare, or consume any animal products, she does recognize that we are all on an individual journey toward a plant-based future. She hopes that everyone will join her at the fully plant-based party (because we serve the best food!!)

An open and positive mindset is absolutely essential for cooking healthy meals with ease. For even wanting to choose healthy meals - you need to understand that each food choice becomes part of who we are as physical beings. From there, your choices can get easier, and with practice they'll become routine, and eventually the vibrantly colored foods will be so exciting, they'll make you dance with pleasure and joy.


At least that's how you'll find Lauren if you walk into her kitchen!

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